Questions for Kliffhanger!


[“Questions for” is something I have used when asking players questions about Golden Tour 2009, and now it’s Kliffhangers turn!!]

Hey Kliffhanger!!

Let me start with once again congratulate you for winning two trophys in Golden Tour 2009!! :)

Did you ever imagine yourself winning trophys in two different games this year?

not really, I always know i can play backgammon, but how good i was, thats what i didnt knewed, but i surprised myself and many other i think, and in the couronne games, my goal was a trophy, i could imagine of 1 trophy, but   2 trophys is just a bonus

You certainly did!! But you really have improved your backgammon skills since the start of the tour, and its always fun when someone more “unknown” makes their way through :)

Have the tour got you more into Backgammon game now, maybe its time for a possible “league comeback” to chase a elite gold?

well, i think its a possibility to win a elite gold in backgammon, but the same as in table tennis, i only played in golden tour, not point games, not league, so those two games were just something i signed up for to have som fun, but when i realized i got quarterfinal in both table tennis and backgammon, i played serious, but i cant see that i  get back in gammon league in a long time

Okay, yeah its very fun that you made it to quarterfinals in all 3 of the games :)) and you’re welcome to bg lg whenever!

Lets talk more about couronne..


You only lost one game in all the qualifying months of Golden Tour Couronne right? Was it a goal all along to win all of you’re games?

Not really a goal to win all the games, i was just going for the win in every match, probably everyone do the same thing ^^

hehe yea ;) and you did it very well :D

Whom do you think gave you the best competition during the tournament?

hard questions you give me marru :P

hmmm, godisguden made it to the final and thats very strong, but i still think Dunderolga was the hardest player to win against, because i dont know much about him, and he had a good opportunity to win, but i was lucky. but everyone that made it to top 16 are really good, but if i have to say someone that impressed me i would say Dunderolga.

hehe, the thing that makes him a bit like a mystery maybe can be the fact he is not so active in between the important tournaments? as he now seem to be going on a break again to show up to next big tournament!!?

He’s saving his secrets to that ;) haha :P

Nah, joke aside I certainly still think the game between u2 were the most funniest and exciting to watch, so it was a good choice by you :)

yes, it was a very exciting game, i shaked like a cold baby :)

hahah, awesome.. wish we could have seen you live, doing your thing IRL :D

Anyway, how do you think the Golden Tour 2009 tournaments went, was it after your expectations?

yes i thought it was good, but i wanted 11 set in the whole finals :)

Okay, how come? would it have felt `more safe’.. to get the chance to turn around games or for the excitement, or maybe both? ;)

hehe i think with 11 set, not only the best can win, maybe a person that tap break can wait out one of the offensive players, with other words bore him out.

and its also easier to come back from a 3-0 in the back, if its 11 set

hahah sounds reasonable :D

To end the interview.. let me ask you, if the Golden Tour gets back in all the 3 games again, will you join them all once again?!

we will see ;)

Okie ;) that will do :D Thanks for your time!

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