What’s on your mind?


[Hopefully the “The Shockplay notebook” will get as dirty and used as this one on the pic ;)]

..I was thinking about to try something new and unknown out..

A category called “What’s on your mind?”.

And it’s all about you players sharing your thoughts with the rest of us.

We can see it like a `Shockplay notebook’… I think it would be very much fun to look back later on to the thoughts about Shockplay and its players.

..For a while back ago I got asked if I could have a so called “Cheaters section” on my blog, and that got me thinking of having it in this way instead.. as then you all get the chance to speak up about anything related to SP.

It can be all from giving credit to players, name and shame possible cheaters?, random talk about the games, maybe you have played a special game you want to tell us about?

A example:

Dunderolga’s comment on a earlier post:

I would also like to announce my personal opinion of the best players I´ve played before I retire.

I am very weak for pioneers. Hektor and The Wolf are two inventors of many shots that any random can pull off these days.

Godisguden is just insane. There is no more skilled player than him. Solves problems like no one else. He also plays with spectacular style and very offensive, which of course can be both good and bad.

Sese got pure skill and very all-round, if you ask me. A very solid player. I´ve heard that it was Hektor and Godisguden who taught him to play and I´m not surprised by the result, hehe.

Matrix Power is very, very tactical player with nice skills as well. At his prime the game was not so defensive, so there was no need to know so many shots. I remember that i taught him one of the unglue-shots. He will never confess that, haha.

Mbuto learned the game really fast, just like me. An amazing player that could have developed his game even more. Maybe I should have Mbuto in the list below instead.

I haven´t played so much against the “new” players like Swardh, Zimond and Müller.

I´m very impressed by Swardhs solid play. Very all-round. Too bad that he likes Liverpool though.

I´ve never played Zimond at his prime, but you dont win both “VM” and The Golden Tour if you are not an amazing player.

Then there are a couple of players that are below these players, including myself. The list is not ranked.

Jaya The Cat

I´m sorry if I missed someone.

I hope its OK that I used your comment as a example :)

If you guys have anything to contribute with, you can email me at marrubou@hotmail.com

You can of course ask to be anonymous, but its always most fun if not.. :)

I might also ask around a little on SP if some players want to share their thoughts of a special game..etcetera ;o)



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