The time difference


 09081911 Player(s) from USA

I will here present gathered thoughts by players from USA.

Their main concern about Shockplay is that the time difference makes it hard to get online at the same times as the players from example Sweden (if there’s a time limit to catch to play a league game before judgement for example).

The ones that have brought this up to discussion with me feels like the site is mainly suited for the players from Sweden and the ones with similar time…

What times would be the most fair to have as judgement times in league?

Is this something you guys have thought about yourself?

One suggestion I got was that the league weeks should be changed for one league month instead.. to make it more time to play the games..

Personally I think it wasnt such a bad idea, at least not if it would be more players in every division in that case.. and if it would “mean more” to win the league – to win some kind of prize etcetera…

Let say if there was 20 players in every division and you got one month to play the games, that would be kind of cool wouldnt it? :)

Or would it kill the intense of league?

Well, maybe even more players would have the chance to have the time to play in league if there was more time to get games played? And not only the ones from the US :)

..Are there only these ones that have talked with me about this that feels its a bit unfair how the league systems are right now?

Do you think the league system is good or not at this point?



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2 responses to “The time difference

  1. kliffhanger

    i think 1 week is good., maybe they can change the judgement to around 23.00 swedish time to be more fair theN?

    • yeah.. I would like to have the judgement times on the same time on different days.. would be easier to remember ’em all to take screenshots for example ;)

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