First game wins..




                                        My NCL TEAM


Yesterday we played our way to our first game wins in The NCL Team Tournament!!!

We decided to let tuggummi! skip the first game, so now we can play on however we want after this in Round 1, as now we at least have let the seeded player skip one round already.

So, then it was me and Katjziska in the spotlight in the start of this tournament…

Before the game someone was “shaking like a asplöv” hahah.. so nervous to get into this kind of competition again.. guess who?

But she did good anyway, considering she hasnt played couronne in this way for a long while now…  even though the games we played against Hezix really wasnt a pretty sight of couronne playing from any of us..

Everyone did bad mistakes.. but thats the way it is sometimes during play !!!!

We both won with 3-2 against him….

..Now we are waiting for Hezix team to decide if we will play against Paladingking or Bobby.C to end this game round!!

– I think the teams should decide which players will play before every game rounds! Hopefully it will be like that to next game round now when the tour have got started…..




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2 responses to “First game wins..

  1. You both did a great job winning your first games :)
    Agree with marru, decide who is playing before next team match begins and send a message to the team you are to play next! Makes it so much easier for all parties!

  2. Thanks :)

    Yep, we just have got started so its OK so long.. but for sure would be better to do so along rest of the way :)

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