My NCL team!!! ;)

090816tuggummi 090815marru 090816kat

      tuggummi!        marru         Katjziska

We did a small change in our NCL team before it was too late.. Katjziska decided to join us in this NCL Tournament, which means my team now stands of tuggummi!, myself and Katjziska!!

(3/4 of the original Thumbs up if you remember us from previous competitions) :D

Our first challenge;


We havent decided whom of us will play yet, but I guess it will be good either way ;)

Have you started with your games yet?



Psst. I’ve done a page called “My NCL Team” too :) Check it out here.



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2 responses to “My NCL team!!! ;)

  1. Kliffhanger

    hehe look nice marru:)

    my team is

    MR.Zim0n, thörna19 and kliffhanger, and we play iiindes, dreamonson and luckyshoot first round, im gonna play this, but i cant decide the other player yet:P its damn hard:D

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