Soon the whole Backgammon Golden Tour is played through.




Now we are on the verge to have all the games played in Golden Tour Backgammon!!!

Remaining 4 players is exactly the ones that placed them self 1-4 in the top 16 on month 6 of this tournament!!!

090705marru marru

090705landskrona Landskrona

090629peachystew peachystew

090705kliffhanger Kliffhanger

{The final games should get played today!! marru vs Landskrona in final, and peachystew vs Kliffhanger in bronze game}

Do you remember the feeling in the start of this tournament 6 months ago?

All the excitement trying to get a good start?

My start in Golden Backgammon Tour sucked big time. I ended up on place 7 of 9 players in the group.

After that I managed to get in the top 3 of the groups the remaining months, and that made me climb up on the ranking list big time – From place 43 after the 1st month to place 4 after 5 months of qualify play time to get to the top 16 for month 6.

And there it just kept going my way, as I won the group in Top 16.

The goals on the way have been (way back in my head the thoughts of to win a trophy), and more realistic;

  • To try to place myself high in the groups in the qualify months to make it to the top 16. *
  • To survive in the top 16 to place myself 1-8 to get to play quarterfinals *
  • Survive my quarterfinal against one of the best players at SP; Simon (DK). *
  • Survive my semifinal against Kliffhanger – whom has improved his bg play a lot during this tournament *


..And by playing my way to the big final of this tournament I have reached my goal that I had on my mind since the start – to win a trophy!


Now its between myself and Landskrona.

Gold or silver to come!!!

Either I win or loose, I will consider us both as winners anyway. :)

I think it has been very fun to play all these games through the tournament.

It feels both fun and a little sad that I have come to my LAST GAME in Golden Backgammon Tour.

Well, there are more big tournaments to come in Backgammon!!

Thanks to all the players that participated in the first Golden Backgammon Tour!!

Hope you all will join upcoming Backgammon competitions too ;)

~Next competition is actually about to begin, if you’re interested in joining a team competition to say… it’s called NCL BACKGAMMON TOUR!

It will start a little later than planned, in about 2 weeks time we should have got it going.. which means if you havent signed up.. THERE IS STILL TIME ;)



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