GTB – Month 6, Check 1

Before month 6 of GTB started I put my guess on these players to make it to the quarter finals: marru, Gorgeous, Simon (DK), wickey27, wolfman, MartinKL, Vargen and Landskrona

on the earlier post;


This is how it looks like in the GTB room right now.. :D

Now I only have 4 games left to play, I think I can feel pretty safe for quarterfinals now.. ;)

It will be interesting when the ones with lesser played games gets more games in.. its always more fun if more games gets played.. so bring it on guys, what are you waiting for? :)

Also, I’m mostly waiting for you Gorgeous to join me to the right side of the line xD

If you want to see game results between the players, you can check ‘em out here;


[will be updated with more results that are missing frequently]




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3 responses to “GTB – Month 6, Check 1

  1. Landskrona

    Well played, marru :) When posting this you have even 10 wins which of course is not only good for a spot in the play-offs but most likely the group win as well!

  2. Landskrona

    On a second thought Päron might want to have a word in on that.. :)

  3. Thank you ;))
    Well played you too!

    Didnt you do a good “turn over” from what was it 1-4 to now 7-4.. keep it going and you will end up on the top aswell.. :D

    Mm, haha.. cant wait for to see how this ends.. I want to play my last games NOW ;)

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