NCL Backgammon Tour!!!

NCL logga

Dont miss to sign up for the very first NCL Backgammon team competition at Shockplay that will start 10th August, if we have enough teams for the tour! (we want 2o teams = 40 players)

I was asked by Mr Daydreamer and wolfman to join them to arrange this, we are arranging both backgammon and Couronne team tours.. if you want to read more about the couronne part, check out NCL Tours website: 

You can ask any of us 3 if you have questions.

For both the backgammon and couronne part

It would be helpful if even you that already have signed up wanted to help out and inform players you think want to be apart of NCL about this tournaments so we can make it happen!


It will be very fun to play, just imagine self.. playing in a team put it in whole another level!

The best teams will be awarded with prizes, and medals on their presentation for this tournament.

If you want to join to the backgammon part, you just need to let me know you are interested by either leaving a comment here or on NCL Tours website: 

Or by messaging me (marru) at Shockplay!

You can either sign up only yourself (to the wanted list – players wanting to have a team mate) or find one by yourself and sign your team up instantly.

Concerning the couronne part you can contact wolfman or Mr Daydreamer or also go through NCL Tours website.

Here are the list of  the teams that has signed up for the backgammon part already:

Team 1. marru and Katjziska

Team 2. wolfman and DaCa

Team 3. Simon(DK) and Landskrona

Team 4. Päron and Vargen

Team 5. anders and Trollmor

Team 6. Zeedie and pepzgirl

Team 7. Feffe2 and Mr Daydreamer

Players interested in being apart of the tournament and are therefor looking for a teammate:



Which means we are wanting to have in 13 more teams for the backgammon part!



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One response to “NCL Backgammon Tour!!!

  1. Se där ett lag till:=)
    Hoppas att nu även ni “rena” Back Gammon spelare hänger på här nu.
    Många duktiga namn som inte synts till ännu, vi vill gärna ha med BG i tävlingen.
    Ni som inte spelat i lag förut , så lovar jag att det är en speciell känsla, mycket kul , men kan locka fram nerver med:D
    Sen vore det väl inte fel att ta medalj och vinna en hel del priser i form av fri tid i Shockplays första officiella lag tävling , som är tanken att den ska åter komma varje år, men rätt kul att vinna den allra första.

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