The Bricks on The Wall 18


With me on the 18th Bricks on The Wall I have the one player from SP whom is playing in all the elite leagues – Simon (DK)!

Hey Simon (DK)!

Before I go on asking about all of your “big or little secrets” to success in the games at SP I thought you could start by telling us a little about yourself. :) Shoot!

My name is Simon (as you probably all have guessed), and I’m soon 20 years old (6th of july). I’m going to school in a higher technical examination, where I just finished the 2nd year out of 3. I’m living at home with my parents and my little sister, who is just a few years younger than me. I play tt and sometimes billard.

Around a year ago I finished the worlds largest jigsaw puzzle. It took me half a year is now hanging on the walls in my room. You can see it here: It’s me and my dad on the pictures.  atm I’m solving it again (a similar puzzle) at a place I know, where there comes a lot of persons. That 1 is soon finished. Anything else you want to know?

I think you presented yourself very good!! :))  And wow, what a cool puzzle.. looked amazing!  Lets continue on to SP questions, I know many players are interested of getting this interview done ;o) When and how did you find your way to SP from the beginning?

I don’t remember exactly how, but I’ve been playing a lot on different sites on the internet. I guess 1 of them had couronne training and linked to sp.

And I don’t remember when, but at first I played a lot as a guest before I became a member in 2006. After that I was a member on and off 1-2 months at a time, before I really started playing november last year. Now I don’t think I’m gonna stop anytime soon :-)

Okay, I would say that I among with many other players have seen you as "a rising star" at SP! At least it have felt like you stepped up and started winning elite gold here and there in the different leagues.. how many do you have now exactly? :)

I have 20: 4 in couronne, 6 in bg, 3 in chess, and 7 in othello

Nice! So in what point of view would you look at it yourself – like you have improved your skills in the games since november in all of the games at the same time or just that you now put more time and effort into playing all?

I think I have improved a lot. Especially in bg, where I watched some instruction videos on how to improve my game. After that I think I became really good.

Cool lets get back to that further on when I will ask more about backgammon!  

So long I  want to ask you how you manage to play in all of the elite leagues? Clearly it must take a lot of time to play in them all.. How do you do it? Do you  mix between the leagues or do you try to focuse on one or two leagues at one day.. for example :)

A lot of the time my computer is just online on sp while I do other things. Then if someone challenges me to a league or a tournament match, I go to the computer and play it. I have almost none time at all to play normal matches for points. Because of the time problem I’m sometimes forsed to play the matches even though I’m tired or something else that does that I know I wont play well.

Aha, you do manage it very good anyway!! ;)  If you would rank the 5 league games at SP after which you think is the most fun/giving you the most joy or challenge to play.. in which order would you put them?

A bit difficult. I think it would be something like this: 1. couronne 2. bg 3. othello 4. chess 5. tt

okey ;o)  And as you also were the first player to win elite gold in 4 different leagues.. how bad do you want to win a gold in the 5th and last league – TT lg? (which I see you ranked 5th on the last question hehe)

That would be insane, but I don’t think it will happen. At least not anytime soon. I would have to be very lucky, like all the good players are on vacation or something. Or maybe when I’ve played the game 10 or 20 years or something :-) 1 thing is sure: I wont give up :-)

hehe, you’re keeping the spirit up – thats good! and haha lets hope they take some vacation this summer so you dont have to wait 10 years;)

And now we can talk more about backgammon.

As you’ve already told us how you improved your game, maybe you can hand out some tips for the rest of us? ;) Or just tell us how you feel about the game, would you say the game is mostly about tactics or is it based on luck in the end?

A good player has a bigger chance to win the game than a "bad" player, but in the end luck desides who win. A beginner, who has just learned the rules can beat the best player in the world if he is lucky enough.  Tips: Try to ask for a double when you have about 75 % chance of winning the set, and try to think if you would take a double in his place: If you’re in doubts if you would take it or not: ask for the double.

13, 24, 35, 16 and 56 is the best rolls in the beginning. If I don’t get any of them I roll again.

Also: think about the setscore when you want to double. e.g. if you’re in front 3-1 it might be better to wait a little more before you ask for a double. If your opponents says yes to the double, he can redouble and it will be the deciding set.

I like the way you think and appreciate you answering like this on the question :) Its always good to get tips and see how other players think, and clearly its working out fine for you in the backgammon playing! 

Whom or which players  do you consider giving you the best competition at Shockplay?
right now I think wickey27 and DaCa are the hardest opponents for me

Okie, it has been fun to see how DaCa has learned bg and improved his game as fast as he actually did! Too bad he missed the golden tour =/

And now.. last but not least.. How do you think its going for me as bg admin? Are there anything you would want me to change or improve as admin or in the league overall?

no, not really. You’ve added some great rules. All admins should be like you :-)

Thanks hehe, I appreciate it :) And thanks for your time (once again)! Hopefully I get back to elite in backgammon league soon to fight with you guys about the golds!


Don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll get back soon :-)




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6 responses to “The Bricks on The Wall 18

  1. Very nice interview, you are a really good and successful player and besides that you have done a great job with the puzzle :)

  2. Landskrona

    Yep, nice reading. Good luck in your quest for a tt gold!

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