Questions for Katjziska!

Backgammon Golden Tour!!!

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Heey guys! I am asking players from Backgammon Golden Tour some questions related to the tournament!

Player up next.. is Katjziska!

Hey Kat :)

I am very disappointed as I really thought you would be one of the players that would make it to the top 16!

What happened?

I haven´t had good results in Backgammon in a long time now, I took my last elitegold on christmas eve, that says alot ;)
I don´t know if I have changed my game strategy to the worse or what actually have happened, I have thought about taking a break from it, but someone always manage to talk me into hanging in there..

haha, try some different strategies out before you leave at least (if you do)!

Maybe you can see the good of it anyhow, you beat Mr Daydreamer on the ranking list ;) thats a gooood thing!! ;)

Has the tour lived up to your expectations otherwise?

It´s always good to beat him, but I know that he would have gone far if he had played more games, so that doesn´t cheer me up too much :)

I think there were far too many dropouts, not so good in my opinion. :/

I’m disappointed at him too, he will hear his! haha! :D

I know, it wasnt too fun when players dropped out of different reasons, but it has been like that in all 3 of the golden tournaments.. its hard to have the bigger amount of players to stay the whole tour through :/

And some just signed up without even knowing the game!

As I said on another interview, at least we get to see which players were willing to put time into it to make it somewhere. For those players that has dropped out, there might be different tournaments that fit better for them, I think backgammon will be lifted up soon enough with different tours!

Which players from the top 16 do you think will make it to the quarterfinals?

Yes it´s sad it has to be that way, hopefully it will be better next time, all credit to the players who have played through the whole tour, which was what you signed up for in the very beginning.
I put my bets on that these following players will be in quarterfinals :
Simon (DK), wickey27, marru, Landskrona, Cheese, wolfman, MartinKL & Kliffhanger.
Best of Luck to all!

Yeah, well said and thank you :)



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6 responses to “Questions for Katjziska!

  1. Landskrona

    Hey Kat, -don’t you dare quitting bg. You’re one of the funniest to play due to your awesome speed. Fast and furious games. Fun fun! We all have those darker periods when nothing goes our way. Don’t let that keep you from playing. -You belong to the Sp ready steady active group of players! :)

    • Aww how sweet thanks, I wont leave eventhough I probably should.. =D
      I like wednesdays when the league is starting over again for a fresh week, it´s worth living for muhaha ;p
      Right now I´m aiming for being in league week 300, it is soon here, hopefully I will be in elite by then, very small chance, but nothing is impossible, right :)

      • There you go, you cant leave the one thing that makes life worth living!! haha :D

        “Aww how sweet thanks, I wont leave eventhough I probably should.. =D”
        What are you talking about, stop it right away!!!

        And oh my, havent even thought of that, soon 300 elite weeks has passed.. I wanna be in elite too when it has.. let the fight begin ;)

    • Good Landskrona, keep her going!! :D

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