Questions for wolfman!

Backgammon Golden Tour!

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Heey guys! I am asking players from Backgammon Golden Tour some questions related to the tournament!

Player up next.. is wolfman!

Hey there wolfman :)

What was your goal in GTB from the beginning? did it have something to do with beating me or how was it? ;)

How does it feel now when I got a higher rank than you after the qualify months? (yeye with 1 point, but that point is important hehe).

Hey Marru:)  My goal was to take a top 3 place.

And yes hurts me badly u are 1 points before me  haha
no I am just teasing u i dont care now, only important to be top 16

hehe yep, its now it all begins.. real tough competition! If you take a look on the 16 players that made it, which 8 do you think will make it to the quarterfinals?

hmm tough one i think  any of this 16 can be the winner but ok i should pic out my top 8

For sure i take myself out i know i can make it all way but also loos my first:=) But here they comes  Simon(DK), Wickey27, marru, wolfman, vargen,Landskrona, liloldlady, jerouclas there u got my top 8

Yeah, I chose you for my top 8 too :) we got pretty similar choices as usual :D

Do you have anything else you would want to point out, like do you think the tournament has runned smoothly?

Yepp we think quite close now as we did in the seeded players. 

I can think  little too many players have drop off.  Maybe little shorter more intensive playing.

Should be fun to se our test in NCL there the most bad team drop down from every group (many small once) i hope and think it can be an ok idea, or when we seeded players.

But all Golden is a great tour really tough to play, well so long timer its a great tournament.

Yep we do =)

Mm, the tournament isnt cut out for everyone.. but then again we see which ones wants to make it and are willing to put time into it.

I am too very looking forward to NCL tour! It gets to a whole another feeling when its about to play in a team, its awesome.

Thanks for your time wolfman, and good luck in GTB now.. looking forward to our game!

Sure we do :)  True the tournament isnt cut out for everone yet, but i still think off this 8 i took out.   

Yes NCL i really hope one and i do hope its comes many back Gammon players and feel how it is to play in a team u feel nervs u dont even know u had :P   Thx self marru my pleasure cya in Nora first then in final GTB? :D  hehe

Yeah, I told you all about my nerves already so I know exactly what you mean ;))) And then to have a another player to think about to win for in a team, more pressure – but fun.

Yey, Party in Nora soon then! And awww, I’m feeling very popular for being picked to be the one you guys want to meet in the final! :D


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