GTB – Month 5, week 3





  Now its only a few days left of playtime on the last qual month in   The Golden Backgammon Tour!

I think we have our top 16 list for month 6 pretty secured now..

“When it says “My top 2 in this group” its the names I chose before month 5 started, on earlier post;


Group 1:


“My top 2 in this group”:

Simon (DK) and jerouclas

wickey27 is still in the lead.. can pepzgirl catch her? Too bad its too late for her (pepzgirl) to make it along the 16 players to month 6, good ending anyway!

Also is good to see everyone has played games in this group now.. even though 2 games played each on the bottom isnt close enough :) 


Group 2:


“My top 2 in this group”:

Katjziska and Landskrona

Gorgeous is trying to go for the group win here as you see.. come on come on :) Or can Chester81 make it higher up? At least I wouldnt think so, as there isnt much time left for games and he isnt too active is he?:P

peachystew seem to have been having a bad month.. well with his awesome gammon playing before its all right ;o)

My biggest “wooops” is how it has went for Katjziska, gahhh


Group 3:


“My top 2 in this group”:

MartinKL and marru

Looking good for me hehe 6-0.. not bad :) not even Mr Daydreamer could bring me down ;) Fight for the 2nd spot now then Mr D!!!!

It seems like celinakyle and krossaren2 wont be appearing to play anytime soon. :(


Group 4:


“My top 2 in this group”:

wolfman and Vargen

As Vargen is safe for the 6th month of GTB.. I really hope he will get on to play for that as it would be sad to have one player inactive in the last month! ;) I’ve heard that might be the case :/ come back vargen, dont give it up just yet :) no one can take your first spot in this month now either.. awesome securing the group win on the first week of playtime already!

Nicely played of astérix too! :))


Psssst. There is coming up more about backgammon golden tour related things.. soon we are only 16 players left standing!! yeyy! ;)




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