Mats, Mats.. mats?

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[Living with dorks makes you exhausted] 

Hey guys :)

Now I’m gonna share something with you guys that happened earlier just before DaCa’s Top 16 tournament.

As usual here with us muppets (marru, katjziska and mr daydreamer) at the same place it gets loud as hell and we go on having massive dorky behaviour.


Anyway, Katjziska started Mr Daydreamers msn with the mission to get a hold on wolfman to chat on webcam with us.

She found her way to the category of shockplay players at msn.. and saw ahh Mats is online (wolfmans name is Mats if you dont know) and clicked right on to start web cam conversation.. and Mats accepted the call.. and of course we fooled around on the cam.. and he was typing back at us when spoken to.

When we finally closed the session, I saw the msn pic and went like “eh thats riiiv!”

Somehow Katjziska found it safe to assume it was wolfman all along (I mean how many Mats does Mr Daydreamer have on his msn on SP category??!) but clearly some other guy got to see our real sides.. hahha.. darn, well.. that might just put more facts on how we really are in this big happy dysfunctional family! ;)

Hope you enjoyed the webcam session riiiv, and fun that you just played along with our fooliness.. we like that kind of guys :D

Too bad you missed it wolfman, maybe we can get a hold on the real Mats next time?


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One response to “Mats, Mats.. mats?

  1. katjziska

    Haha it was a fun “mistake”!

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