GTB – Month 5, week 2





Now two weeks of playtime on the last qual month 5 on Backgammon Golden Tour has passed..

Lets see if anything has happened since last week in the groups :)

When it says “My Top 2 in this group” its the names I chose before month 5 started, on earlier post;


Group 1:


“My top 2 in this group”:

Simon (DK) and jerouclas

wickey27 has continued on winning, nice! pepzgirl is now close second.. sadly jerouclas havent started with his games yet.. hopefully he does soon.. and TheOtter too of course :)

At least there is more games played in this group now since last week ^^,


Group 2:


“My top 2 in this group”:

Katjziska and Landskrona

Tiny Acorns is still in the lead here.. Kliffhanger has climbed his way up from 8 spot last week to a 2nd right now..

Landskrona has turned his 0-2 from last week around to 2-2.. good :)

Maybe the list changes for next week?.. I’m cheering for Gorgeous to win more games now =D


Group 3:


“My top 2 in this group”:

MartinKL and marru

My group.. and now every player besides 2 has got started with their games.. I climbed up from 8spot to 1st spot since last week by winning 4 games.. =D feels nice ;)

Mr Daydreamer has said to me that he will bring me down.. lets see about that.. bring it on whenever :D


Will celinakyle and krossaren2 play ? :)


Group 4:


“My top 2 in this group”:

wolfman and Vargen

Last week I said Vargen might have secured the group win at the first week already.. I still think he has.. only ones that can change the fact is astérix or hampestampe, can they?


I will try to ask a few questions to some players about this bg golden tournament soon and hopefully post it with next update =)




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