GTB – ranking – Month 4





Now GTB – Month 4 has been played through..

Now I will compare top 3 players in the groups with the ones I guessed would end up there on my earlier post;


Group 1:


“My Top 3 in this group”:

wolfman, Katjziska and marru

Yeyy.. 2 of 3 right on my guess in this group..

Well played ervadolfi, and congrats to the group win!! :)


Group 2:


“My Top 3 in this group”:

Landskrona, American Single and Feffe2

Not too bad of a guess in this group either.. disappointed on that American Single never showed up.. well :/

Kliffhanger won this group, very good !

{Drop outs: American Single}


Group 3:


“My Top 3 in this group”:

peachystew, MartinKL and Vargen

2/3 right in this group aswell..

MartinKL won this group as he had a win I counted in that never was registered in the tournament room.

Cheese ended up second and peachystew at 3rd place.

{Drop outs: rogerdeathmaker, hopenfaith and kira22}


Group 4:


“My Top 3 in this group”:

wickey27, Simon (DK) and Gorgeous

Okay.. 2/3 right in every group.. ;)

wickey27 won this group, congrats to that ;)

jerouclas kept on playing good and ended up at 2nd place..

Gorgeous ended up at 3rd place as she had a game won I counted in for her.

{Drop outs: stueo}


The ranking and new groups have been out on the Golden Tour website since thursday.. if you havent seen ‘em yet. Check them out there:

New tournaments will be done at SP whenever ;)

I will also guess my top 2- or 3 in the new groups for month 5.




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