NCL Team BG Tour

NCL Team BG Tour

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Hey guys :)

In August and further on to the fall we will arrange a NCL Team BG Tour and a Couronne NCL Tour (I marru got invited to join the guys Mr Daydreamer and wolfman on this).

We will cooperate together to arrange this, even though I will mostly take care of the Backgammon part.

– You don’t have to sign up for both of the tournaments if you dont want too.

I have my teams almost ready for both backgammon and couronne already..

My bg team”:

Mr Daydreamer, Katjziska, marru

“My couronne team”:

tuggummi!, marru and unknown player so long ;)

So even if you want to participate in both, it doesnt have to be in the same team in both.. the tours are connected, but still not.

Start to find yourself a team(s) if you are interested.. every team will be of 3 players, which in all the players are equally important.

Every player will get to play games in the team, so its not about only having a 3rd player as reserve.

Reported teams to the bg tournament so far:

Mr Daydreamer Katjziska marru
wolfman Feffe2 DaCa
Simon (DK) Landskrona ?
Players wanting to have team mates:
Sexiga Tess

You can read more about the couronne part at wolfsshockplay blog;

Rules for the tour and more information will come up later on..

You can either leave a comment here, or message to me (marru), Mr Daydreamer or wolfman at Shockplay to sign up teams.





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7 responses to “NCL Team BG Tour

  1. katjziska

    We are gonna rock :D

  2. Feffe2

    Jag och Vålfen kommer att äga er hårt…

  3. Hmmm nu kommer vi absolut rocka fett, nu har vi även en formstark spelare och Shocks starkaste kille med i laget? Så watch u back:D (Feffe, Daca, Wolfman) och de 2 med lägst HCP i Golf?
    Hmm eller nån kommentar Martin? :D

  4. Landskrona

    Vårt lag är nu komplett på alla vis. Simon, Landskrona OCH wolliw!
    -Bring it on, guys!

  5. DaCa

    sistnämnda laget kommer bli mkt svårslaget, precis som lag marru.. Fast jag kan nog tycka att med såpass lite bg-spelare som det är, så hade det räckt med 2-mannalag utan reserver så hade fler fått spela och det hade blivit fler lag att slåss mot, men detta ska såklart bli kul.. har blivit riktigt biten av backgammon även om man blir så förbannad hela tiden hehe :)

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