Couronne admin.. wins backgammon elite gold…!


As I wrote on a earlier post.. if I didnt win this gold in backgammon league this week I thought Landskrona, joshp or Jeromo were good for it..

And.. what happened? Jeromo DaCa took all out all competition and will win his 1st elite gold, on his first week in elite..

Damn, he has learned to play this game fast!

I think this weeks toughest game for me was against him.. which you see I lost.

Would you ever think it was DaCa whom was Jeromo? What a surprise right ;)

Look out for admins under cover is all I can say.. they are dangerous! :D

Congrats to your elite gold DaCa, very well played :)




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4 responses to “Couronne admin.. wins backgammon elite gold…!

  1. DaCa

    Thx Marru =)
    It was a great week for me and i must say that backgammon is very fun and its crazy that it took me 5 years on shockplay before i tryed that game for the first time, 2,5 months ago =)

  2. katjziska

    Congrats :)

  3. Crazzt87

    And who made you start playing and almost forcing you in to games, daca? ;P

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