GTC – Month 4…






I thought I could look around a little in the couronne golden tour groups.. now its only 9 days left of playtime on month 4…


Group 1:


Here the top 3 seem to be settled for this month already?

Will Discovery win the group? :)

Havent went too well for §§§§.. whoever that is.. he has played better in couronne league in my division 1B this week ^^.

Nippeh havent played a single game :/


Group 2:


Here two players has taken a clear lead.. Dunderolga and GodisGuden.. can GodisGuden get one more win in to win the group?

And whom can take the 3rd spot? Can it be Leonard Buchanon if he plays more? :D


Group 3:


In this group couronneMackan might have secured the group win with his 9-2.. hopefully Roughedge gets more games, he can be the one to take over 1st spot if he does?


Group 4:


In this group we have 4 players that has played very well.. come on Hezix.. :D


Group 5:


scandalplayer are at the top once again.. I think this groupwin is his to take now?

Hopefully Spiken will play more games.. would be fun to see if he can mess something up in the top before time runs out…


Group 6:


Kliffhanger keeps on winning!!

Top 3 in this group will remain like it is now I think :)


Group 7:


This top 3 will stand aswell if zonic doesnt get started with more games..


Group 8:


Seems like I have a really good chance to stay in the top 3 in my group.. I have Simon (DK), Zeedie and Hip Hop Bee Bop left to play against.. shouldnt be impossible to get those games played :)

Will Simon (DK) play more and what place will he end up on in that case? Can he still win this group? some players are hard to catch…






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2 responses to “GTC – Month 4…

  1. Hezix

    Jag tycker det skulle vara rätt coolt om de 16 som går vidare till slutspel i golden kunde ta en bild på sig själv, och skriva lite fakta. Kanske lite datorutrustning, typ, mus, tangentbord, musmatta, grafikkort osv. Vad man gör medan man spelar. Det skulle bli lite kul läsning tycker jag iaf.

    • Mmm, håller med jag har faktiskt funderat på att ha en sådan sida (inte bara top 16 i golden) men lite allmänt om de spelare som vill… men tyvärr är de nog inte många som vill det, så vi får väl se hur det blir med den saken! :D

      Men vi får hoppas på att wolfman & Mr Daydreamer får ur fakta ur top 16 sen iallafall! ;) Det borde ju inte va omöjligt!

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