GTB – Month 4, week 3





              Now 3 weeks has passed of playtime on                             Golden Backgammon Tour Month 4.

Soon time is running out.. 1,5 week left.. lets see if the most games have been played yet or not :)

When it says “My top 3" in this group” its the top 3 I chose before month 4 started, on post:


 Group 1:


“My top 3 in this group”

wolfman, Katjziska and marru

Both I and ervadolfi have played all of our games now.. and both won our last ones.. top 2 in this group has changed since last week.. grr.. Katjziska played her way up.. will she go for place no1?

And will I stick to the top 3 to the end?

All I can do now, is to wait and see… =)

GO kat go kat.. you need all the points you can get now to make it to top 16 in the end!! :D


 Group 2:


“My top 3 in this group”

Landskrona, American Single and Feffe2

Kliffhanger has won yet another game since last week.. awesome!! :D

Still the same top 3.. will celinakyle play her way up higher than she is now?

How about Feffe2? Come on :D

Still no sign after American Single.. =(


 Group 3:


“My top 3 in this group”

peachystew, MartinKL and Vargen

The doodle boy Cheese has won won more game since last week.. and still are at place 1.. way to go! :D Let me guess.. you have forReal and rogerdeathmaker left to play against? cant go wrong with that guess :D

Come on and play on with your games everyone in this group!!! :)


 Group 4:


“My top 3 in this group”

wickey27, Simon (DK) and Gorgeous

Here we have same players at top 3 still.. will that change to next week?

What more is there to say? no stueo around =/






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2 responses to “GTB – Month 4, week 3

  1. Cheese

    Good guess :)

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