marru killed the excitement??!;)

Yeyyy. It didnt take too long before I killed the excitement in backgammon league. ;o)


I’ve had my mind set to win this gold from the start.. and now I won my last three games tonight and its all done.. I will win the 5th elite gold this year first of myself, wickey27 and Simon (DK)!!!

Aint that lovely?? :D

It will be my 14th won elite gold total…

And then the list of this year will look like this:

Amount of won gold 2009 so far:
marru5 gold
wickey27 4 gold
Simon (DK) – 4 gold
kira22 – 2 gold
Traker14 – 2 gold
MartinKL – 1 gold
hjerterNio – 1 gold
peachystew – 1 gold



Which also means I will be ranked 3rd alone on total amount of elite gold through the years:

1. wickey27 with 46 won elite gold.

2. Red Fear with 34 won elite gold.

3. marru with 14 won elite gold.

4. Battie with 13 won elite gold

5. zinnglanz with 10 won elite gold.



Could it be better? :)

– Only 21 gold left to win to take over 2nd spot!! ;)



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