This weeks…


tumme_upp1 Thumbs up for

  • wickey27 once again won both TT and Backgammon elite gold this week!! Nice :)
  • Simon (DK) won his 4th elite gold in Othello League.
  • DaCa won his 9th elite gold in Couronne League. 
  • DaCa is also doing a great job keeping the interest up for couronne overall, by having a "Top 16 tournament". Awesome :)
  • Roughedge for broadcasting radio during the sweep competition we played on friday night.
  • And 90% for suggesting us to have the sweep party from the beginning.. ^^,
  • for myself, marru and Mr Daydreamer, we will train couronne for different reasons.. me for league, and Mr D for the top 16 tournament heh.. wish us good luck!! PUSHING PARTY! ;o) Will it look like this? 


tumme_ner1 Thumbs down for

  • Cheese dropped down from couronne elite on his first week back.. 0-9?? Shame on you ;o)
  • myself, marru because I didnt play so much better? Stuck in div 2 in couronne league ;)
  • Another thumb down for myself, marru for giving up shanghai solitaire since I solved level 5000.


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2 responses to “This weeks…

  1. Willie.

    Yeah Cheese, shame on you :(
    How do you dare? You dont belong in elite :D

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