Yesterdays clean sweep competition..

Ishockey or couronnes,?


Sorry I didnt blog about this yesterday guys but I had to run off after the competition ^^,

A friend needed my couronne expertis help pronto, haha also sorry to the ones we played against, together with our masterminds we maybe kicked your asses too hard behind the nick thepartypoopers. ;o)

Anyway, even though there was a semifinal in ice hockey going on at TV (Sweden vs Canada) some of us players at SP decided to have a little sweep competition from 8 til 10pm last night!! ;o)

We even had the honour to listen to Roughedge broadcasting radio!! BTW, I loved his comments.. I bet there was a lot I didnt even hear as I had to fight a little with my computer during the competition, sorry for that Roughedge.. well, it was fun playing against you even though you teased me when I missed my sweeps!! ^^.

I’m happy I did those 2 sweeps afterall!! :D

Otherwise I woulda hear i’m the zero over and over again right? höhö.. nah good to have some pressure on myself ;o)

The whole list of participating players;

1. 90% 5 sweeps

2. Roughedge 5 sweeps

3. DaCa 5 sweeps

4. Bratitude 4 sweeps

5. SuperMatte 3 sweeps

6. Cheese 2 sweeps

7. marru 2 sweeps

8. Dunderolga 1 sweep

After we had played 2 hours there was a tie between Roughedge, 90%, Bratitude and DaCa, they all had 4 sweeps.

Bratitude sadly had to leave before the other started to play tiebreak.. 90% was the fastest to sweep, and therefor he won the competition!! congrats to that :) the other guys werent to far behind, they also did a clean sweep each.. ^^,

The most of us were playing from the start.. DaCa and Dunderolga jumped in later though :)

Hopefully we can have a sweepnight soon again with radio.. it was fun even though we werent too many to participate! :D

BTW, how many of the rest of you wish you had ditched the icehockey aswell and joined us instead? I mean Sweden lost ;o)



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