Ready, set.. go! :D


Now its time for you all to get started with your


  golden games..

             tours are made for month 4!!

                             Good luck to everyone!! =))


Group 1:


       My top 3 in this group:               

     wolfman , Katjziska and marru

My group… hmm.. I’ve been in the same group with wolfman 3 of 4 times now.. haha.. this time I so wanna beat you :)

One thing I’m HAPPY about.. is that Katjziska and I are in the same group!! wohoo, twin fight!! :D

I hope this group will be active.. so far I have gotten all my games played on every month!! =)


Group 2:


         My top 3 in this group:

   Landskrona, American Single and Feffe2

And now I’m totally cheering for Landskrona to take home the group win once again.. come on come on come on :D Well, he is pretty high up on the ranking list as it is.. =D

Hopefully Mr Daydreamer shows us he can play backgammon too.. ;o)

Other names I think can mess up my top 3 is Tiny Acorns and celinakyle.


Group 3:


              My top 3 in this group:

         peachystew, MartinKL and Vargen

I think this group were the hardest for me to decide which players to put on my top 3.. the toughest group in my opinion.

Will be interesting to see what happens… :)

I wont name anymore players in this group, as then I would end up naming ‘em all ;o)

Well, come on doodle boy! so far you are at 1st spot ;)


Group 4:090428gtb4

           My top 3 in this group:

   wickey27, Simon (DK) and Gorgeous

Very good names here too.. is it just me or are the groups getting harder? haha.. well we indeed have dropped some players of the tournament since the start… both “good and bad ones” I must say :P

Can Simon (DK) win a group again? I’m thinking he totally can, he is really going somewhere.. is he our winner in the end?

But I will put wickey27 on my 1st spot, we’ll see what happens !! ;)


Hope you all enjoy BG Golden Tour Month 4!

Play nice and fair ^^.

I will try to have a look in the groups once every week now..

GOOD LUCK AGAIN, and have fun!





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8 responses to “Ready, set.. go! :D

  1. katjziska


  2. wolfsshockplay

    Mmmmm så vi möts igen hur slutade de andra matcherna tro??? :D

    • *harkel* vi säger att det är den här matchen som gäller nu OK? :D

      Jag har inte fått en bra start alls på den här månaden :/ så jag MÅSTE spöa dig :D

  3. Cheese

    Well, come on doodle boy! so far you are at 1st spot ;)

    Yeah, and i will stay there now :)

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