GTB – ranking – Month 3




Hey!! :) Now GTB month 3 has been played through…

At first I want to say sorry for the lack of updating results/post about GTB month 3.. I will try to write more now on month 4 :)

Now I will compare top 2 players in the groups with the ones I guessed would end up there on my earlier post;

[ My page about month 3; ]


Group 1:

gtb1, m3

My top 2; MartinKL and liloldlady

Wohoo, I didnt get them in the right order, but they took spot 1 and 2!! Well done guys.. :))

{ Drop outs; moosmo }


Group 2:

gtb2, m3

My top 2; Simon (DK) and Landskrona

Well played guys.. especially Simon (DK) whom has won his groups every month so far..

{ Drop outs; sweep1963, digispel, Hektor and monican }


Group 3:

gtb3, m3

My top 2; American Single and hopenfaith

I got right on the 1st spot, which American Single took.. but I ended up at the 2nd!! :D Couldnt be happier ;o)

My games;

gtb 3, m3 marru


Group 4:

gtb 4, m3

My top 2; Lolitaxxxx, Gorgeous, peachystew, Päron (oops seemed to have a hard time to decide..) ;)

But yes, two of those names made it to the top.. Gorgeous at 1st spot and peachystew at 2nd.. they’ve both played incredibly well in this tournament so far!


Group 5:

 gtb5, m3

My text about group 5”

Hmm wolfman seem to be pretty unbeatable at gammon.. what’s your secret? Will it hold the whole way or will it go downhill on the upcoming months? I’m cheering for you though :)

Same goes for jerouclas.. awesome…

Will it be those two in the top or will someone surprise us? Feffe2?

And I must say.. very nicely played of Feffe2 whom took home the group win, congrats!! :)

Wolfman ended up at 2nd, with jerouclas right after him..

{ Drop outs; Zeedie and fendo }


New groups coming out soon! ;o)




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