The Bricks on The Wall 17


With me today on the 17th Bricks on The Wall I have ingy!! =D

Hey you, wassup?

Nothing, watching mtv and answering your questions , u ? :D

Oki haha hope there is something good on!! =D

Nothing much more than bothering you ;)

Can you tell us a little about yourself for a start?

lets see, im a 18 year old guy ( 19 in 5 days ) from trollhättan sweden, also known as trollywood,   moved to Hallsberg ( few mins outside örebro ) like 2002-2003 , my "hobbies" are probably cars and othello at the moment =]

Cool, happy birthday in advance then!! <:0)

So you have a drivers licence already or what? Maybe even a own car? Or am I going way over myself? =D

i got my driver license 7th october 2008 i think, i started kinda late, i made mistake, shud have started so i had it b4 the summer break   anyways, ive had 3 different cars so far. i just cant stick to one for to long : P

Nice! haha I must say that aint tooo late anyway, like I havent even got started with project drivers licence ;o)

Wow okey that says a lot!! :P Well, how do you bring in cash to make it happen?

Well u’ll get there, as u probably know in a small town like hallsberg if you aint got driver license you wont get anywhere ;)

i try make profit of the deals i do. so far ive only LOST cash though -,-

but i work as an apprentiece/lärling for you swedes :D  excuse my spelling if its not correct )

at an advertising firm, its not much but its ok, when summer is over ill probably go back to school ;(

Hopefully I will :D  yeah, what he heck do you want to live there for? haha!! :D

Sounds nice even though you are loosing cash … xD.

School again huh? boring but good :)

i dunno why i live in hallsberg, it kinda sux,

dunno what career  i wanna study to yet though, any suggestions? :D

I bet it does hehe :P Hmm not really, anything that gets you out of there ;)

Lets talk about Shockplay related things now :) When and how did you find your way to SP?

ingy aint your first account is it?

my half brother played table tennis at 2003, he introduced me to it and we kinda raced each other who could win the 3 opponents with 11-0 first, ofc i won (A)  then i got bored of playing these 3 single players and saw a link to shockplay, i started playing the single player opponents and very soon saw that you could play multiplayer to, so i signed up as "liboboo" and started playing, the account was short lived, after a while i made a new one, "Mr Couronne"

it was when i thought i started to become good at Couronne, i competed alot vs krok(swe) who nowdays goes under the name krokanbananen, both of us made alot of tourneys and saw who would win most gold and that random stuff :D

Sweet =D liboboo haha what a name I understand why it was short lived haha, nah sorry.. ;)

Cool, krok is a funny guy to compete against as he gets mad if he loose right ^^.

Before we start talking about Shockplay as it is today, what kind of expectations do you have for SP Version 3?

Any kind of new features and games you would want to show up?

he experienced many loss back then, i just hope he didnt get scarred for life

from sp 3 i rly dont espect much, i just hope the community grows bigger, alot bigger, changes in couronne so it gets a new fresh start without the marks and stuff which makes it easy for people who have been playing with them for a long time , and the table tennis, i just hopes it changes so maybe the game benefits off  offensive players more, and makes it harder to play defensive :)

Haha yeah hope he has recovered from the past :)

Sounds like resonable thinking about version 3, we’ll see what will happen and not :D

As shockplay is right now you must be one of the best allround players after been playing in elite in all of the current games (and got elite gold in some of ‘em)?! What game have you enjoyed the most?

wow hard question , ive always enjoyed couronne just because its one of those simple games who just doesnt get old easy,

if i put it like this, 2004-2006 i really enjoyed tt, cuz back then the community was big, the competition was hard, and people cared so much, and whined and cried and i just loved every moment of it, so i would probably say tt, it was the reason i joined SP, and one of the main reasons im still here, even though i usually dont play it

often it goes 1-4 months before i play a game when im not in league or big tournaments  =)

haha lets hope TT will be like that again!! =D whined and cried, sounds amazing :D

Okie, which games are you playing in the leagues now/golden?

TT and othello and couronne in leagues

couronne/tt in golden

TT just for an elite gold on this account then i quit, and after golden tour i will put tt on the shelf for good i hope :)  if i dont like the improvements on sp3 on the tt board

and im thinking of leaving othello league after this week after some current events

Cool, 3 leagues at the same time aint bad!

Go for the gold in TT then aight, will it be a challenge for you to win that as it is now in elite there or a piece of cake?

(either way hopefully sp3 will have good improvements)

the only competition in TT nowdays is wickey ( no hard feelings for the rest in elite  :P ), burloque to but he is very inactive.

but i still have some way to go before i beat wickey if both play at our best, then if she has a bad day its a different story, but i havent played since august 2008 in masters, just these 3 weeks ive been back in league, so i need some more time to get into it =)

Okay, mm wickey has always seem to be a bit before the rest.. her won amount of gold says it all.. Gl with your gold, you’ll make it :)

Lets talk about the othello part now then… you leaving the league now already?? :( I thought you had a goal with your comeback in elite :)

Has it something to do with the saying on your presentation;


Clearly there is something bothering ya?

when almost everyone in a league is against you its just no fun, my only goal was to get the streak till i have more golds then bigtymer, but kubeto fucked it up after 2-3 weeks back in elite ;P

and now i feel how wickey always felt in tt league, i just dont know how she put up with it over 100 weeks, when everyone avoiding playing you and you have to guard to get flags against people, it sucks >.<

okay sorry to hear that :/ you should hang in there.. I mean if you are that good you should be in elite playing!!

As the former admin of the othello league were recently dropped out.. maybe they can get some admin in that will do something about ppl avoiding to play ?

i hope, but theres no motivation to play othello on shockplay , as in any game u need competition to keep it fun, total league domination is not fun forever :D

Understandable ;D

Do you have some secrets of the game you want to share to us as you clearly are good or do you want to keep them to yourself? ;)

How did you learn to play it?

if i tell you my secrets ill have to kill you.

nah but seriously :D  i dont have any serious i just played game after game and got tipped from some really great world players, and read some strategy books , but i didnt do that until i had alot of knowledge about the game,

my othello era started about 2002 when me and my friends got bored of playing table tennis in school at our breaks  we dusted of an old othello board and sat down in the cafeteria playing, didnt take long until i noticed im a natural, and wiped everyone who came in my way ( in school )   , then i turned to blip and played alot where i met some players like Coconets who used to play at shockplay, i trained hard and when i reached to a pretty high level they told me i shud play further on Kurnik, ( nowdays )
and entered irl tournaments

Hahahaa I better watch out :D

Oh pretty cool you learned that way =D gifted person ^^.

What about backgammon? You totally got tired of it didnt you?? ;) I saw you didnt play bg for a looooong time after you met me in the lg and resigned!! huuh =D

What do you hate and maybe even like? about this game? xD

what can i say about backgammon, ive played it for many years, its a strategy game with dices, and i hate dices :D  but i love the game, so it really pisses me off  ;) i just cant handle having bad luck in life. :D  but u have to remember, the week b4 u beated me in league i beated you (A)  so dont think i resigned just because u whooped me  :D

A girl can dream cant she? hahaha… lets play bg point games some day and we’ll see who wins this time!! :D  Now I have stalled you enough, thanks for your time!!  ;)

Np, the pleasure was mine, and gl in league, be sure ill be back at some time and take you down =)

Thanks, and good luck with that!! ;)



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