New rules in backgammon league.

From next judgement and on… (on wednesday) I will add some rules concerning Division 2 and Division 1 in backgammon league.

Division 1

Here you must play at least 3 games otherwise I will reset them – if the played games would change the outcome of the player to advance to elite, or dropping down a division.

Of course I take in consideration if you have tried to get games in… just let me know in time if some certain player refuses to play… :)

Division 2

Here you must play at least 3 games to even get to stay in the league.

And this because I want the backgammon league to be active.. Division 2 as it has been now, aint a pretty sight :)

If you have a hard time to get 3 games in now in the beginning.. let me know.. But I think I have a pretty good clue on which ones wants to get their games played or not in the end… =)

If a player has by me been taken off the backgammon league in div 2 because of inactivity, they must wait 1 month before I give them another chance to play in the league!

The “old rule”  in backgammon elite, will stand as it is now..

“If a player havent played at least 4 games before judgement time I will reset the games (if someone played 3 – or less games) This concerns the elite division if it would affect the outcome of the league gold winner. “


Got any questions about this? ask away… :)




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3 responses to “New rules in backgammon league.

  1. DaCa

    Perfect rule! :)

  2. Thanks :)

    I’ve mostly got good critics for it… some players seem to be a bit concerned on how this will turn out.. they feel if they have played all their games it wouldnt be fair if some games would be reset..

    But I’ve told them to see it from the other side aswell.. I told one player a example;If a player in division 1 at 1st place has like 6-3 and 13 in +/- and the one on 2nd place has 6-2 and for example 10 in +/-… Would it be fair for the one on 2nd place if that player never got the chance to play against the last player ? which lets say, signed in, in the beginning of the week and then never bothered to sign back on to play more….

    However, like I told someone else too, it wont be like I reset all the players games played that havent played enough… just add some common sence to it and I’ll go from there… =)

    Right now its about to get out the inactive players… after a few weeks time hopefully we will have a more active league all together.

  3. I mean its too bad if players that really wants to play their games start to leave the league because of the inactivity.. (and it has already happen)

    I know how it can be down in division 2 trying to advance from there.. it aint too easy…

    It will also be more fun to play in div 2 if we lets say only (as it is now) have 1-2 division 2 that have players in ’em that actually wants to play…

    make any sence? =)
    Anyhow, lets hope this does the trick!! =D

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