Golden Tour Backgammon – Month 2, Check 1


Hey guys :)

Hope you all have enjoyed “the new start” of Golden Tour Backgammon month 2 as much as I have =)

After I dropped out 21 players after month 1.. []

I don’t think there will be any more voluntary drop outs.. At least I hope there won’t be!

I really think we only have players left that will want to play their games.. except maybe for a couple of ones that were on the limit last month, well… time will tell!

Btw….  as you may have noticed the bg golden tours (all groups) are visible on the couronne golden page on first page at shockplay!

If you havent.. check ‘em out there =)

After 6 days of playtime it looks like this in the groups:


Group 1


My and Katjziska’s top 2 in this group: Simon (DK) and Lolitaxxx

And it seems its going very good for ‘em both.. they just need to get more games in to rise to the top!!! :)


Group 2


My and Katjziska’s top 2 in this group: Hektor and Queen Amidala

Unsure of how this will end yet…. respect for Gorgeous that already have played all of her games except 1!!! :) way to go girl =)


Group 3


My and Katjziska’s top 2 in this group: TheOtter and wolfman

Pretty uncertain on how it will end here too.. wolfman might take 1st or 2nd spot.. can I take one of those this time?

We didnt bet on me as I ended up at a disaster on month 1 , haha….. :D

Loooking gooood for me now though, doesnt it? :D:D:D


Group 4


My and Katjziska’s top 2 in this group: wickey27 and Landskrona

And here the top 2 might end up totally different???

Exciting :)


Group 5


My and Katjziska’s top 2 in this group: kira22 and Päron

kira22 seem to be able to take one of the top spots.. who else?

stueo has 3-0… with not too many set losses, nice!



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