The Bricks on The Wall 16


With me today on the 16th Bricks on The Wall I have one of the best couronne players at shockplay! But it wont all be about couronne…

Hey Hektor :)

Nothin’ much, just finished some othello-playing at

Cool, I have no idea what site that is hehe.. well so you are trying your skills somewhere else too?
I usually play othello and backgammon over there. For a number of reasons.

1) It’s free, 2) More players, 3) A lot better players and 4) I like the speed of the games there.
Plus all games you play are saved so that you can go back to GNUBG or WZebra to analyze your bg/othello game to see where you went wrong.
These are all things I’ve told Per about to focus on for the next version of Shockplay.

Okay sounds good! I’m gonna check that site out :) Yes, I think you had a lot of good thoughts about improvements for shockplay version 3!

But, we’ll talk more about that later.
Lets deal with the personal stuff first, not too personal but still ;) 
Can you tell us a little about yourself, like age, where you live, civil status and what you do for a living.. Even I’m not totally sure about that last one ;o)

If I should trust exactly everything I hear I couldnt know what to think ehm, let me refer to krok who says you are a man whore! Whats up with that?  :D

O_O Say what? I’m not all bad, I have a nice bone or two in my body aswell. I’m a 24 year-old little boy. I study applied physics at Linköping Institute of Technology.

Yeah.. its that little krok boy’s crazy thoughts about you :)
Nice! how long do you have left of school?
What do you like to do on your spare time then more than play bg and othello?

3 Years but at the looks of things there might be longer.  I like to work out and I like to play basketball. KroK and I play a lot of DotA aswell, which makes us fight a lot ’cause you get very emotional losing at DotA. My number one game at this time is probably Othello though, it’s so addictive and hard.

Okey, hope you dont get tired of school.. I would :)
Haha so I’ve heard you two do…
Too bad he is away in Thailand right now.. I would loved to have some insider tips from him what to ask you about…!! :D On the other hand, it might be for the best he is away and miss this one out after his crazy assessments!

To the questions about Shockplay now.. :) when and how did you find your way to Shockplay?

My older brother introduced me to Couronne at the spring of 2003, there was a site called where they had like 80 000 unique visitor each day. Since they had no ads there were no way of keeping a site like that running for free so they closed it down with a link to shockplay. You could try it out for free for a week and I was hooked immediately.

Okay that was a large number of players!! Yeah seems it is very easy to get hooked at this game… =D Does your brother still play? Who are the best one of u2 (or were?) Maybe thats a stupid question to ask a couronne pro but still :)

He never got as hooked as I was but he were fairly good and no he doesn’t play Couronne anymore. He usually find those stupid webgames for me. He used to play a lot of Five in a Row.

Okie, good to have someone tipping you of fun games :)

BTW, I think you have put up some really nice posts at your blog;
Will there come up more?? =D
Maybe you can start up a couronne school for us noobs and take our money for it ;o)

Thanks, I’ve gotten a lot of nice feedback from it.
I just haven’t felt that motivated to play a lot of Couronne lately so that’s the reason for my lack of posting lately.

There will probably come up more posts in the future.

And no I don’t think there’s a big market for Couronne tips so I’ll just give it out for free because I think if more people learn there might be more competition which might motivate me to play more.

haha true..  well I am looking forward to read more posts of that subject! :)

And to backgammon now…
I’ll ask you the same question as I asked wickey27, do you consider backgammon as a skill game.. based on pure luck or something in between?
Haha, of course there is luck in any game which involves random chance.
What is skillful in backgammon is finding those moves which are more prone to give you a victory than others.

This is something very difficult and requires lots and lots of practise.
For all those people that think it’s a 50-50 game should try to play GNUBG/Snowie/BGblitz on grandmaster or above and see how many you manage to win.

But to complain on bad luck in backgammon is like complaining on being wet when you go for a swim. It’s the nature of the game and should be expected that you can not control every instance of the game.

Very nice answer!
Yep, it sure does.. so, I consider you as one of the "better" backgammon players ..

I mean you just showed up in backgammon league 2008, went straight up to elite and won your second gold… and dropped out after that.. will you make a bg lg comeback anytime soon or are you not too into playing that at SP anymore? 

Maybe after (if) the improvements will be done for the game at SP? =)

I get very frustrated while playing BG at Shockplay ’cause of its slowness and there is no timer for how long a game can take. I think there should be a timer of 15 minutes for each players in a 5 point game and if you cant finish in that time then you lose like normal BG elsewhere.

That would be nice, the games can get really long sometimes and take the fun out of it.. 

You haven’t played too long in bg league under my time as admin for it.. But I will ask this question anyhow; How do you think it is going for me?

You’re doing good, I was the admin of the BG-league for over a year so I know what it’s like.

Thanks, yeah maybe you can share your thoughts of that with me sometime :)
What about Golden Backgammon Tour? How do you think the first month went?

Who do you see as your Top 3 in the end?
I really have no idea really about the level of my competition. Plus it can be very easy to lose a game to lesser players when the games are played in 5 points only.

Okay, 5 points only eh? hehe well.. I think I know what you are thinking of by that.. as you play on other sites? What points do you mostly play about over there?

Wouldnt work at SP with more points as it is now.
Well, at kurnik/playok atleast the creator of the game chooses the amount of points to be played for, everything from 1 to 64. I think 11 or 13 is good for competition.

Okie now I really gotta check playok out =D

A little more about your favourite game Othello first ;)

I have met you in the othello league when I tried on a othello career,which didnt end up too good.. =D
I see you have a elite gold there aswell.. so I figure you must know what you are doing.. can you give me some tips more than "avoid the other one to take the corners"?

Any other thoughts about the game, playing it at SP.. and the other sites..
Easier to learn at the site "playok"  I guess =)

Losing corners are not always so terrible if you can gain a side or something of it, just try to avoid playing in to zones where you lose "parity" meaning zones that have an even, since then you will be forced to play first in to the next zone aswell.
I’m~1600 player at playok, where the world elite plays and they are at around 2100. So I’m not that good yet.

Okie thanks for the tip.
I bet you will get better than you already are if you play more there as you seem to do :)

With that I’m running to the playok site now to check it out =) Thanks for your time and thoughts!




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  1. katjziska

    Very good interview you both :D

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