The reveal of – Who has done what?


Original post of the competition:

Right answers:

1. Swept more than 27 sweeps at one day.  – Mr Daydreamer swept like crazy under the official Sweep competition when Roughedge broadcasted radio. He swept total 28 sweeps that day, 24 of them under the competition.

2. Won CC tour 2005.marru won the CC TOUR 2005, which Blueswede68 arranged.

3. Didn’t drink alcohol before graduation day, 19 years old.Mr Daydreamer, easy.. he is the only one of us whom has graduated so far ;)

4. Once dreamt about being a veterinarian. marru , and no comments about it ^^

5. Has been member the longest of us 3 at Shockplay. Katjziska, you shouldnt trust the facts at Shockplay too much [for example on Mr D’s= Created: 3/5/2003], did you check Kats presentation??;) it says:

{-member since 2003-01-10-} And there is a longer story behind why it aint right on her presentation otherwise :)

6. Dropped a school-mates tamagotchi in a glass of milk, either on purpose or accidently.
marru and no I would never done it on purpose.. haha.. ooops is all I have to say! ;)

7. Holds the record of being awake the longest, for 48 hours.Katjziska… she and I had a competition about whom of us could be up the longest.. we both were up for 48 hours when we decided to give it a break as both were too stubborn ;) but I fell asleep first, so lets say she won :D

8. Has met 6 members from shockplay IRL (without counting family)Katjziska has met 6 players from shockplay {Nalle, Ittoj, Hezix, benganboy, hampestampe and HansKlauvi}

marru has met 12 players from shockplay {Nalle, Ittoj, Hezix, benganboy, hampestampe, HansKlauvi, DaCa, hjerterNio, Playshocker, Zimond, GodisGuden and Hektor}

Mr Daydreamer has met 7 players from shockplay. {Ittoj, Hezix, benganboy, hampestampe, DaCa, hjerterNio and Playshocker}

+  some more for all of us.. nicknames that we see included as family… :) 

9. Hasnt drank milk since the age of 15.Katjziska, she just somehow stopped drinking milk. ^^

10. Has known Cheese for the longest time of us 3. marru, and introduced him to the rest… funny guy :)

14 ppl participated in this competition and our winner is:

with 8 right answers: Nippeh!!! CONGRATS! :D *Gold coin is on its way to you*

The rest

7 right answers:



6 right answers:



5 right answers:




90 %


4 right answers:




2 right answers:


Thanks everyone for participating!! :)




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4 responses to “The reveal of – Who has done what?

  1. Landskrona

    Nice,- Congratulations, Nippeh!

  2. hjerterNio

    congrats Nippeh =)

  3. oj vann jag = ) thanks guys [ :

  4. Japp hehe, grymt bra o ta 8 rätt!!! :)

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