Another attack!!!

When I signed in today someone attacked me with all this stuff again, haha.


Once again, thanks for giving me luck!! ;)

I now have 5-1 in elite!! :P


Lets have a look in the other divisions!!!


In Div 1A hjerterNio has 5-0!! wow, hope you keep on winning so you get to elite for the first time :)


In Div 1B there hasnt been so many games played yet, so there we find monican on first place with 2-1.. If I make a wild guess, either Lolitaxxxx or Landskrona makes it to elite this week!! :D

In Div 2A only one game has been played so long.. :P


Well, thats better than in Div 2B where 0 games has been played… I see wickey27 has come back to backgammon league now, lets see how long it takes for her to make elite comeback!! :)

It took 6 weeks for me to get back to elite ^^.





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3 responses to “Another attack!!!

  1. katjziska

    Hjerternio to elite maybe? woah that´s cool :)

  2. hjerterNio

    6-0 nu vad är detta för spel egentligen, ääg dirr :P

  3. Hahah grymt bra gjort.. :D
    Dröjer inte länge tills du har ett guld i bgn oxå då ^^.

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