The Bricks on The Wall follow up 2



Here is the second follow up of The Bricks on The Wall  :)


The Bricks on The Wall 7Sparkle

Original interview:


Hey Lynn!

How u been, and how s life going on as a barmaid?

hi hun …. life is good and so is the job i love bar work

Yeah it must be exciting :)

Got any holiday plans to escape to gran canaria in a soon future? ;)

May I join you if you do? :D

i wish……. i really can not see us getting away this year. i need to get loads of overtime in at work i think lol

but if we do go away yes you can come too

oh, gotta work to get to play :( guess it will be the same for me this summer.. well.. if we dont get away we can always dream about it hehe ;)

[Sparkles presentation]:


What do you have to say about the line on your presentation “The new Mrs Cheese to be” haha, have you abandon your old man? ;)

lol cheese is my online husband ….. but at least i dont have to wash his smalls and cook for him so thats a bonus. and no i havent abandoned my real husband. i still have to cook and wash for him lol

hahah awww how do you do it woman.. it must take a lot of time to satisfy two men even though one of them is a online one ;) hehe :D

And what about the third “ironass”, does he still top your list?

oh god yeah ironass is still my number 1. he is lovely . a great friend

Good, you got me worried there for a bit ^^.

How is it going gamewise..

Are you still trying to chase that elite gold in backgammon?

i have my good games and other games i wonder how the hell i ever got into the elite (as i play so bad some days) but yes its still a dream of mine to get the gold

We all have bad days, I seem to have a hard time to get back to elite now too :(

I know you will win the gold when you least expect it.. we’ve had 3 first time gold winners this year already.. =D

Otherwise The Backgammon Golden Tour is on its run..  Maybe you will get your gold on this tournament??? :D

well yes that would be nice. but to be honest i just enjoy playing the game win or lose

Yes me too in this tournament, it has been really fun to have something new for backgammon.. hopefully we get more players to join the league as well :)

And with that I want to thank you for your time and wish you gl in both league and golden tour!! :)

thank you hun and its been great chatting with you again…… take care xx

Thank you , you too xx

[And the last thing Sparkle wished for was her online husband to keep the red roses coming ;)]:


See, thats what you gotta do now doodle to keep your lady.. !! :D


The Bricks on The Wall 6Joachim

Original interview:


I havent seen Joachim around for a long while now… =/ So I’ll jump over this one..    


The Bricks on The Wall 5 krokanbananen

Original interview:



Hey there krok!!! :D

How are you?

Hello I am fine. How are you?

I’m fine too thank you, have you been go-carting lately or what have you been up too?? ^^.

Nope, no more go-cart racing :D  I have been working a lot, going back to thailand again in a couple of weeks ^^

Oh, I guess you got enough last time haha

And that was gonna be my next question hehe, so what are you working with now as you were unemployed at the time the original interview was made :)

I convince people to buy fish.. : )

Haha, sounds ehm like a fun job :) Are you good at it?

Not the days when im pissed off. and yea, its fun :D theres good money in it

Oh man, I can see it front of me.. and that brings me to the question about Hektor.. are you two friends again after the incident a while back??? :D

Heh… yes we are.

I knew it! Did you go crawling back to him or did you just finally let the fight go? You two are too much, fun;) haha.

Well. Back to the job business and so on… good that you are earning money to get to Thailand!! Will it be as insane as last time?

Propably more

theres a couple of girlfriends coming along this time

so its all built up for some crazy drama

Oih, okey hope you will have a great time over there!! Party for me too!! :D

You have ditched all the leagues at shockplay, am I right?

Are you playing even more only for fun now than earlier?

Maybe you are going pro at someother game instead? ;-)

I sure as hell will  :D.. yea i ditched the leauges, i dont think its that fun to be honest.. maybe some new league system would make me play it again.. hopefully version 3 of SP will have something instore. Im not going pro tho, im already pro at other games ;D

Yep, if you got any suggestions on how to make it more fun.. leave a comment at DaCas blog, he is right now asking ppl for they opinions to SP version 3!

Haha like the game Hektor beat u at? ;)

Okie, I will leave you alone about that one, it might be a sensitive subject xD

Thank you for your time kroken! :D

Once again i feel like "someone" is telling you what to ask me :P

No no not this time, I promise :)

haha fine.
thanks for this little interview thing then
Peace out bro

hehe peace out :D


The Bricks on The Wall 4Trollmor

Original interview:


I havent seen Trollmor around lately, but I’m pretty sure this part will be filled in later, and then under my pages instead of this post…


The Bricks on The Wall 3Rainmaker

Original interview:

Rainmaker has promised to participate on this, so this part will be filled in under my pages later on too.. :) 


The Bricks on The Wall 2Zeedie

Original interview


[The interview was made a little at a time, so if you wonder about some context.. thats why ;o)]

Hey Zeedie!
All good?

Yeah I’m fine, just a little bit tired since the schoolday :P how about you ?

hehe, I’m fine too.. tired as well but by other reasons.. haha.. ;)
Do you remember from your original interview, the talk about getting a girlfriend? I happen to know you succeeded , how is it going for ya??:D

okay, hehe :P Yes, i had almost lost the hope about getting one but then all of a sudden i met one at a disco here in town. It’s going very good and it have been like a dance on roses :D

hehe okie, I’m glad to hear it is going so well!!! :) BTW, when talking about being tired; When do you get sleep when you have so much going on with long schooldays, girlfriend, friends, bandy and etcetera? ^^ Must be hard to manage your time?
Hehe, well mostly i’m awake from around 07:00 til around 23:30-00:30 next day. And yes it’s pretty hard to make the schedual to fit in. schooltime is from 8:20-16:40 monday-friday. One thing that makes it go around is that it’s almost no homework at my school if you do what you should do on the leassons.

Wow, that is very long time to be awake every day hehe. I guess you get used to the situation.. okay, thats good.. do what you have to at school!! :)

How is it going playing bandy in your team, are you keeping the team name high up? So to say; are you winning?

Yeah it is, sometimes i have to go to bed earlier to stay awake on the days in school..
It’s going very good, we’ve only lost one game in the whole season and have 3 games left until the series is out, and if we win the series then we will get to quarterfinal immidently.

Sounds good!! Hope you bring home more wins :)

What about SP, are you playing in any of the leagues atm?

Yea, i just got home from the last game in Rättvik and we won with 9-2. I’m playing with 2 teams and in one series we are in the lead with 11 wins and 1 loss. And in the other one we are second from the top. Yes i’m playing in the couronne league and the chess league, i did leave the othello and backgammon league couple of weeks ago

because the time didn’t exist for 4 leagues, school, girlfriend, bandy etc

Oh nice.. congrats on a well played match!! :)  I understand, hang in the other ones though!! ;)  Thank you for your time Zeedie

i was in elite in couronne 3 weeks ago but then i’ve been alot with my girlfriend so i didn’t get enough games played to stay

thats too bad :(  I know you belong there

hehe thank you, no more questions ? ;)

nope thats it hehe ;)

yea, :P  hehe okay  :)


The Bricks on The Wall 1 American Single

Original interview:

Hey there Sharon! :) How are ya?

Excellent, everything going fine at your job as nurse too?
yes very well off now for 6 weeks

Ooh, awesome!! :) are you going to do something special?
recuperate!!   i had a serious surgery

Ouch, then yes you must recuperate!! get well!!  What shall I continue with after that? Feeling sorry for you :/
no go on!!
ok, maybe I can ask you if you like to read?   I’m thinking about the text on your presentation.. I liked it, it was nice! :) is she (Helen Keller) your favourite author or did you just like that text as I did?

My favorite author and also my role model. Do you know of Helen Keller?

Nice! no not really, maybe I should check her work out :)  How is your daughter, do you see her much at all when she is US Marine? Must be busy? =)

she is home now to  help me.I had not seen her in 7 months.  She is stationed  in Japan. She enjoys the Japanese culture and is learning the language. I am very proud of my daughter.  

Oh that long time.. must feel tough!! Good that she is there now though :)   How is it going for you gamewise? I must congratulate you once again for winning your first backgammon elite gold a while back!  Still loving it?;) 

Thank You!!  Oh yes I love Gammon. I was so excited about the Golden Tourn. There are those who do not participate. I wish they would as all are good players!!  Not doing that well in this tourn however. I remain postive though!!

Yw!! :)  Yep, I know.. sadly all the good ones arent apart of it but we’ll make the best of it.  I havent had a good start either but hopefully it turns around.   On the original interview you said your favourite gammon players were Katjziska, Gorgeous and Landskrona.. all of those are participating in the golden tour, do you think one of them can take it all home?


Couldnt agree more about that!! kira22 will be dangerous in this tournament.. But anyone can take it home really, gonna be great to see the ending of it  – cant wait!!  Good luck to you in the tour sharon, and thank you for your time, make sure to get well now!


Who’s next up for a brand new interview? Anyone?


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