The Doodle…

has made it!!!!

Wohooo, CONGRATS ON YOUR 1000th sweep!! :D

– I guess I have to pay your ticket to Örebro whenever I can now!! haha!



Thanks for the screenshot Cheese :)



Filed under Shockplay

5 responses to “The Doodle…

  1. Cheese

    Thanks, see you soon at the airport :)
    What will we do now? The first who get 30.000 points?

  2. Yes I will mail you the ticket :)

    Sounds like a good idea, what will we bet about then?

  3. katjziska

    Grattis Doodle :D

  4. Cheese

    Tack så mycket Katja :D
    And tack så mycket Marika for this great contest :)
    I am looking forwards to the next one.

  5. Me too!! :)

    And this time I’m gonna win, you are so going down :D

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