Backgammon rules

The backgammon rules has been updated at The Golden Tour website, check them out.

I heard something about it being difficult to report in by the website… if you also feel like that, just email straight to:

And if you want too, send a message to BG-Admin at shockplay telling me you have sent the email, if you dont – I will check the email often anyway though.

I rather solve golden backgammon problems and discussions on the BG-Admin account as it otherwise can be a lot of messages during my own participating in the golden tour, I need to focuse too ;)

On The Golden Tour website, you now also can see warned and banned players in The Golden Tour under “Report Abuse”. Make sure you don’t end up there by reading the rules ;)

“Be nice to eachother…. play from the same score if a game got interrupted, don’t walk from games ^^.

Play over a set from the same score even if a bug appeared and the one that got affected by it wants too… play at least the half of your games in the tour… etcetera… :)”


Backgammon league matters will still be handled from my own account though.. :)

Thank you //marru


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