The Bricks on The Wall follow up 1


Now I’m doing these two follow ups in a bit crazy way.. going from backwards.. but thats just fine with ya isnt it? ;)


The Bricks on The Wall 13marru

Original interview:


[Kat interviewed marru]

Helloooo… What has happened since I did Bricks on The Wall 13 with you in October?

I remember that you before the interview just had been on GodisGudens Shockplayparty, have you developed some deeper friendship with the guys that were there?

Oh man what hasnt happened since October? ;) you gotta go deeper ;)

Yep thats true, feels like it was ages ago now. I talk more or less with all of ‘em.. its like before the party.. the ones I knew better before the party I still know better than the others.. u get me? =D
Like I said, all of them were the sweetest and I’ll show up at next IRL Party if I’m invited again ;) haha. And then with less marru-syndrome ;) (don’t ask)

Yeah the marru-syndrome, the more drinks you get the more social you get ;)

hahaha that too ;)

Do you think that the job as Backgammon-admin gives you
a challenge?

Do the players give you more respect since you have been a admin for a while now?

I must say it was more tough in the beginning, so yes I think its like you are saying now.. I get more respect now since the’ve had me as admin for a while.. And I toughened up a little so that might have something to do with it. ;)

I would say it has been rather calm couple of months now, people are behaving ;) otherwise I’m there with my whip, haha. nah just kidding xD

The Backgammon Golden Tour that will start soon I consider will be a challenge as it is “new”, but in a good way.. I am looking forward it.

Sounds good to me, how are you doing in school, last term now! Are you ready for the big world out there?

Its going OKEY, no more than that.. I’ve had a lot going on  ;)

Next week I will start a 4 week period of practical training, it can get tough to make all time for family and friends, studies at the side, hobbies like SP to go together but I’ll make it, I’ll study in my sleep  :D Well I will miss the 3 first days of it as im sick-listed now, damn flu and fever wont go away :P

In a way I’m so ready to graduate and move on, but whats waiting around the corner?

Im a bit of a wuss I think, but it should end up great or at least good  haha. optimistic marrubou :D

Goodiegood, it will all be good! ;)  Just keep your shit together hehe!

Have you found any interesting handsome man yet? we are all dying to know

Hahaa I will try to do my best =D

Oh man, that was too deep. There is many handsome men but no I am still going solo ;)

– Keeping my shit together you know :D –

Alright, solo it is then, hihi, I can help you look after all the handsome men, so that you are not completely alone ;) 
Hasta la vista babey

awww thanks xD hasta la vista now its your time to burn, nah I’ll be kind :)

BTW. [ Mr D.. is this a good excuse for Kat to check out other men?]


The Bricks on The Wall 12Katjziska

Original interview:


[marru interviewed Kat]

Hey sis! ;) How are you? Soon you are coming home again, I’ve missed you :D

Helloo! I´m alright at the moment, I have some things on my mind but it will all be good soon I hope :) 
Dito, soon I´ll be there again and it will feel like I never left, right? :D

I hope so too! So true ;)

Since the interview you have become oooooooooolder, whole 23 years. (no not 23 years exact older but 1mean that makes it 23.. does that make sence? ^^) How does it feel? ;)

I get what you mean haha,  it doesn´t feel any different from how it felt before, just another year that passed by :)

Too many if you ask me, soon we will sit at a retirement home together hahaha.

Also you have collected a few more elite gold in backgammon league, what are you doing stuck in div 1 right now? Move up there! You have one more gold to take to catch up on me ! :D

Easy there, don´t say anything you will regret, I´m on fire this week, I will hopefully get back up to elite now :D

hehe, darn.. I had my chance last week with 5-0 but it ended there.

Btw, one thing you havent achieved yet either is to climb over me at the shanghai solitaire top list.. it was very close there for a while.. why didnt you put in more effort too it when you had the best chance?? ;)

I guess I lost my interest hehe, haven´t even thought about Shanghai, ahh, well someday, someday it will happen  :)

Hey where is the spirit that didnt sound too good ;)

Well, what happened with your goal to make another elite week in couronne league? Lost interest there too?

You are total gammon pro now aint you? :D

Yeah, right now it´s the only thing that is forcing me to log on to Shockplay hihi :D

haha!! :D

Then I’m glad you also joined the golden bg tour, at least you will be stuck over the summer ;)

You wanna share with the rest on how its going with your personal life.. has something “hit you in the head” yet? With that I mean, a job you know.. u remember from the interview? ;)

I bet you are  :P
Yeah, well I´m moving back to my childhood city in april, a lot easier to get jobs there, soon I´m a working bitch =)

Yep, you are the nicest bitch to join.. right after me ;)

Sounds good, and with that I want to thank you for your precious time. <3

OUT AND LOOK FOR A JOB NOW! :D Better start in time ;)

Ai ai boss :D


The Bricks on The Wall 11Mr Daydreamer

Original interview:


[marru interviewed Mr D]

Hey Mr D!

How are you, must feel good to be home to Örebro for a while now right? Has everything went good at your new job in Södertälje?

[For you don’t know Mr D is since a couple of weeks back now living at my and Kat parents place in Södertälje working his ass off haha]

Hey marrubou!

I’m fine thx ;) , yes feels good to be back even if it’s a breaf visit.
My job is going along quite fine indeed :P

Thats good! Living in Södertälje has affected you gamewise hasnt it? Do you miss to play in couronne league, and to miss to play in The couronne part of The Golden Tour?

Living in Södertälje effects practically everything, as my game yes. I have decided not to try to get use to a new computer and give couronne a rest for a bit, only play for fun at times with some cool people. I do not miss the league, it’s a shame to miss the golden tour, but I will give the gammon fanatics a go instead. Hope I will have enough time to play all games..

Yeah it might not feel worth to get used to another computer for a short while..

Haha, hope you will have time to play all games then you might get a long way!! :)

When talking about to miss things.. now when you have seen all the stargate episodes.. what do you watch instead?

Hahaha, I still watch Stargate, the Atlantis version, 9 episodes left ;) . I watched my first episode in 2 and a half weeks today (: And when it’s over I’ll find something else ^^

Oooh, you were so sad when you ran out of episodes of the other one so there is this one too? okey, you see I have no clue of this stargate things, haha

Yeah, there is many good tv shows out there..! :D

BTW, I’m glad you and Wolfman will have a annual NCL Tour!!! Must feel good, are you still as good partners in crime as when you started? Tell us something more fun about Wolfman! =D

Yes I suppose we are, if not even better partners now :)  wolfman is a very kind but confused man in his 40’s ^^ You can always have a laugh both with him and at him. He is easily stressed out and feels the preassure when we arrange tours. He’s still the one who gets all the questions so I can relax most of the time ;)
Feels awesome that me and wolfman get the opportunity to run the NCL again, and every year hopefully. Really looking forward to it, and at the same time I should say thanks to the bosses for the vote of confidence, and thx wolfman for getting me in on this ;D

Haha it must have something to do with it being called “wolfsshockplay blog” or what?;) or just that ppl are used to wolfman to be in charge, but soon they will “harass” you too! :D  

And now to the last question, possible scenario: you vs kat in backgammon golden tour final.. who would win? would you conquer your “bg teacher”? ;)

If playing from same room, would there fly things around? I would be there with a videocamera and have a livestream! hahah! :D

Hahaha, I don’t know what I was thinking when I named the blog like that hehe ^^ Joking…

I would lose that final, and I would get disappointed of course.
And btw I wouldn’t wanna win it either hehe, I wouldn’t have a spouse to talk to for weeks if I did  :D

And yes she would throw thing, and surly you would help out ^^

Hahha, it would indeed be a interesting scenario if it happened and I wouldnt miss it for the world!!! :D

Thank you for your time!

Not me either haha…

Thank you too naighbour  :)


The Bricks on The Wall 10 Baba Ganoush

Original interview:


I havent seen Baba Ganoush around lately.. If I see him around I will ask if he wants to be apart of this and fill in this part later :D


The Bricks on The Wall 9MASTERHAND

Original interview:


This one I will jump over..  Are you a girl or not? This subject is so over =)


The Bricks on The Wall 8Bratitude

Original interview:


[marru interviewed Bratitude]

Hey Bratitude!

How are ya? :)

HI there Marru Im fine and how are you?

Good, same here :)

Lets go further with some questions, its been a while since the interview was made.. do you still live with your room-mate Jazz?

What do you two do for fun? ;)

Yes Jazz still lives with me and I’m not even sure we know what FUN means, we work too much haha

Oh no don’t say that, you gotta live your life too, haha.. well the work takes most time I know :/

Have you had time to write any poems lately then? ;) Want to share some with us or are they too private?

Well I keep alot of my writing private but sure I have a few I could share with you.

Here is one poem I got from Bratitude:

World of heartbreak

I have an emptiness in me I can’t describe.
A feeling of being lost, deep inside.
Am I withdrawing inside myself?
Putting my heart up on a shelf?
I feel the ice run through my veins.
The doors of my heart closing in pain.
Turning away from potential friends.
Back to the point where the begining ends
Shutting down any possibilty of emotions.
Living day by day, going through the motions.
Wearing a smile that’s no longer real.
No love, no hurt, nothing to feel.
This is my life on a day to day basis.
The girl that was happy has left no traces.
How much more of this life can I take?
Welcome my child, to the world of heartbreak.

Man, (woman) you can write! :D Thank you for that one!!

BTW, I see you got tired of playing backgammon, am I right? Or was it lack of time? =)

I love backgammon and you were a great admin, just didn’t have the time I would like to spend in the game anymore sadly

Thank you :)

So I take it you won’t participate in The Golden Tour – backgammon part? :/ Woulda been fun with ya there, but would you care to name 3 names you think will get a long way through the tournament anyway? ;)

Im going to have to say you, Kat and Hektor for the top three :)

Thanks for having faith in me hehe. Lets hope either I or Kat bring it home to Örebro :D  And thank you for your time.

Anytime Marru, always a pleasure talking with you and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you and Kat.


The second follow up will hopefully be published within a week.. with players:

Sparkle, Joachim, krokanbananen, Trollmor, Rainmaker, Zeedie and American Single. [if they all accept to be apart of it of course]







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  1. Nic

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  2. Thanks =)

    Cool, yeah it indeed was a nice one!

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