Couronne year 2008


c48   marrus couronne

This year, in May I made my first debute to playing in couronne league division 1!!! :P So I havent played there for a long while, if someone thinks so :D

Right now I am only sticking around in div 1 with luck.. tooo many losses ;)))

Weeks played in the different divisions 2008 for me:

c44 Total = 52 of 52 couronne weeks!

 c45 Div 4 = 2 weeks

 c45 Div 3 = 14 weeks

c47 Div 2 = 14 weeks

c46Div 1 = 22 weeks



Couronne league winners this year, top 3:

1. andreasaswardh with 25 won gold, awesome!

2. Zimond with 14 won gold, nice!

3. Muve with 4 won gold!!



The rest of the couronne league winners this year:

Kliffhanger 2 gold

Müller 2 gold

Puffe 1 gold

Cronos 1 gold

Mr Daydreamer 1 gold

Nippeh 1 gold

HELLAS!!! 1 gold



After this year the total amount won gold top 3 list looks like this:

1. Müller with 68 won gold!

2. andreasaswardh with 25 won gold!

3. Hektor with 24 won gold!


What kind of expectations do you have for couronne year 2009?



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4 responses to “Couronne year 2008

  1. Cheese

    1000 Clean Sweeps :)

  2. ooh, me too!! :)) we will make it


    200 Clean Sweeps :) and be a good mother of course!!!

  4. cool ;)

    I bet you will be!

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