marru vs Queen Amidala

We both are closing in to make level 4700 at shanghai solitaire!

And both are online at SP playing now

Whom will make it to 4700 first? haha I’m a bit behind but as emppu and Benji still are taking a nice nap I will give it a try! :D

At 1.34 pm it looks like this on the top list:


1.37 pm one level done wohoo.

1.39 pm.. another level done right away!! :D marru at level 4685 and Queen Amidala still at 4693

1.44 pm.. another.. wiie.. lol :D

1.57 pm.. piece of shit level. oh did I say that out loud?:D

2 pm.. clearly it helped to clear the air hahaha.. looking good:


2.09 pm no more luck.. Queen Amidala still at she playing or just standing there? hihi well I’m giving up for now because its time to play couronne league! ;).. catch u later!!!!!!! :D


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