My gammon year 2008


I figured I could do this post about my gammon year 2008 already because of me dropping out from league atm :) I will do one about couronne later on too.

So.. if you don’t get toooo bored.. check it out :D


January, gammon weeks 219-223

After being stuck in div 2 for four weeks the year before I advanced from div 2A to div 1A first week in January.

bg1 week 219

And from Div 1.. straight to elite next week ;-) Look at the score.. haha nice with four 5-0 wins ^^. bg97

bg2 week 220

Elite next week:

bg3 week 221

and still barely hanging on to elite:

bg04 week 222

bg96 and after that a second place! so close to a gold hihi:

bg4 week 223


February, gammon weeks 224-227

bg5 week 224

Time to drop down from elite to say hey to the ppl in div 1:

bg7 week 225

bg95Quick hey“.. to make it back to elite right away :D

bg8 week 226

Girls dominating the bg lg: ;) bg92

bg9 week 227


March, gammon weeks 228-231

Close call, once again to drop down.. hehe

bg10 week 228

To almost win a gold next week… sooooo , soo close :)

bg11 week 229

After that I think I lost my nerves somewhere and dropped out of league.. hahahaa.. and that week Katjziska won a gold ^^.  bg94

bg12 week 230

Nothing from week 231.. just pressed to sign in to league again.. hehe. short break ;-)


April, gammon weeks 232-236

Didn’t get stuck in div 2 this time.. got right up to div 1 =)

bg13 week 232

Div 1B… where I really was stuck…!! ;)

bg14 week 233 bg93

bg15 week 234

bg16 week 235


bg17 week 236


May, gammon weeks 237-240 bg90

bg18 week 237

After been stuck in Div 1B for 6 weeks I finally made it back to elite!!! =D

bg19 week 238

Where I won a elite gold right away.. nice nice.. my 3rd :) Also where my elite maraton started.. hehe 

bg20 week 239

bg21 week 240


June, gammon weeks 241-244

A second place, but not a close second =)

bg22 week 241

After this week I became the admin for the backgammon league. bg88

Hanging in the middle of the league group for some time… at least in elite xD

bg23 week 242

bg24 week 243 bg91

bg25 week 244


July, gammon weeks 245-249

Here I won my 4th elite gold.. ;0) bg89

bg26 week 245

 bg027 week 246

 bg30 week 247

bg31 week 248

 bg87 This week I won my fifth elite gold =D

bg32 week 249



August, gammon weeks 250-253

bg86 Talk about a pretty close second? ;)

bg33 week 250

another second place.. hehheh.. bite the dust… bg85

bg34 week 251

bg35 week 252

My turn to win gold again.. my 6th elite gold xD bg81

bg60 week 253

Have you made it this far? or have you fallen asleep? hahaha.


September, gammon weeks 254-257 bg82

bg61 week 254

bg62 week 255

bg63 week 256

bg64 week 257


October, gammon weeks 258-262

bg65 week 258

Here I won my 7th elite gold ;D bg83

bg66 week 259

bg67 week 260

My turn once again.. 8th gold :D bg84

bg68 week 261

bg69 week 262


November, gammon weeks 263-266

bg70 week 263

Once again, and my last gold for this year.. my ninth! xD bg80

bg71 week 264

bg72 week 265

bg73 week 266



December, gammon weeks 267-271

bg74 week 267

This was the week I decided to drop out after playing in elite for 29 weeks in a row, to take a break.. I will be back next year.. wohoo.. bg79



Weeks played in the different divisions 2008:

Total = 48 of 54 gammon weeks

bg78 Div 2 = 2

 imageDiv 1 = 8

bg76Elite= 38

Won elite gold= 7.. which makes me in to the top 3 players of won gold 2008! :) Hopefully I will be next year too! xD



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