BG / Couronne league ^^.

Break from bg lg it is… I’ve played 28 weeks in elite in a row now so its time hehe :D For how long I dont know, so lets just say see you in bg league next year ;) hihi

Of those 28 weeks I have won 6 elite gold :)

This weeks results (and no it isnt because of the losses Im going to resign, I had made my mind up before):


So, what am I going to do with my time at SP?

First of all Im going to try to stick around in Div 1 in couronne.. a wise man said to me first of all I should aim to have more wins than losses a week.. :D

And that started off better this week than the others.. started with 2 wins. :)

And two 0-3 losses after that..well well xD


Shouldnt take too long for me to get placed better in Div 1 than ever before (fifth)?


Anyone wanna practice league play with me? shoot! ;)

Psst….. Dont invite me to backgammon tours at this point either, I wont play! ;)



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2 responses to “BG / Couronne league ^^.

  1. katjziska

    GOODBYE marru and GOOD LUCK with the goldhunting KAT :D :D :D :D
    hope you will kick some ass in couronneleague instead :D

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