Tha playeeeers ;)

I’ve had the best weekend in a long while.. we’ve hade so much fun hehe

I’ll start to present tha players that were at the party at Mr D and Katjziskas place friday night!! ;)

Our mascot Luigi aka Luigi is the first one up:


Nice stats huh? hahah well done Hezix that actually swept for us =D


Maybe we didnt rock so much at couronne this night, well  otherwise we did ;) Tha skilled player Niklas aka Hezix:


Next one up is Caroline aka coliine

Too bad you deleted your presentation and all before I took the screenshot.. your presentation rocked ;)


She actually won some games, wonder against whom? and with that I present next person… Eveliina aka emppulainen


Yeah.. looooser ;))))


Next one up is Bengan aka benganboy.. hope you dare to visit us again after seen what we all are made of.. nice fights huh? =D


Södertälje mafia vs Örebro mafia vs Eskilstuna mafia ;)  and Hezix (almost) beat ’em all.

Erika aka hampestampe 

See ya at your birthday party if not before ;)


Do I even need to present the last 3 players? you know us pretty well at this point I guess.. but I will anyway :) Marika aka marru – the one and only – bou ;)


Katja aka Katjziska – the kitty kat


Martin aka Mr Daydreamer


+ 1 person more where with us to the bowling alley.. whom.. you will have to wait and see on the photos I will publish later :) 



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