Damptime xo.xo


When the party ppl left on saturday we first felt a little bit down haha, well the remaining ppl (me, kat, mr d and carro) all layed down in Kat and Mr D’s bed and talked a whole lot hihi

Then we came up with the brilliant idea to start drinking a little again and head out to town :D

We (tried to) play pool, airhockey and race cairs… and almost killed eachother with those guns that I will show u pics of ;)




Best night… love y’all!!! <3




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8 responses to “Damptime xo.xo

  1. Carro

    unforgetable weekend xD damptime with you guys is the shit!! HAhah

  2. katjziska

    It was grejt :D

  3. Airhockey e skoj ; d längesen man körde de =P kul ni verkar ha haft de hoppas man kan komma nästa gånfg! [ :

  4. hehe jorå :D

    aa det måste du ta o göra xD

  5. scandalplayer

    Jag ser att ni hade lite guns å sånt. Tänkte ni röjja om scandal hade kommit?

  6. Hahaha du hade säkert hamnat i en duell :D

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