^^. Games…


I totally screwed up WC round 2!

3 losses with 2-3.. ouch ^^.

Could have went better… almost everyone thought I would advance to next round.. well.. :)


Lets have a look on how its going in Couronne league in div 1A for me:


Not so great huh?

I hope I can get more games played and maybe stay in div 1 and pull it together??! :)

Cronos has played very well though!! 9-0.. awesome dude :)

I have something to be proud of anyway.. haha.. going for another BG elite gold:


I’ve ruled Smudger out from the chance of winning.. I mean it would take a LOT for him to win all his 5 remaining games with 5-0 in every game?? :D


I was stuck on shanghai level 4439 but now it seems to go in the right direction again… =D Byebye Kittykat :D


BTW, I left othello league.. hehe.. wanna learn it better before joining again I think :)




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2 responses to “^^. Games…

  1. katjziska

    I left othello league too hehe

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