Sweep Competition 2

We will play tonight again, will we succeed better playing hangover? ;)

The winner of this sweep competition wins 480 points in couronne :) 240 points from Katjziska, and 240 points from Mr Daydreamer. lol ^^,

We start now at 8pm swedish time, and play til 10pm.

We will have a msn conversation tonight too, thats the most funniest part of it all :D The official clean sweeps competition later on will be more awesome when Roughedge will broadcast webradio, but this will do it so long? :D


Those who will participate are:



Mr Daydreamer





ittle boo 1







Tiny Acorns

Good luck // marru, kat and mr d

PS. If Kat or Mr D wins tonights competition they get to keep their points for themselves :D


8.11 pm finally a 1st sweep – CardiaK

8.18 Cardiak 2 sweeps

8.19 Jimapn 1 sweep

8.20 Kliffhanger 1 sweep

8.21 dreamonson11, 1 sweep

8.23 wolfman 1 sweep

8.28 Mr Daydreamer 1 sweep

8.29 Katjziska 1 sweep

8.31 Kliffhanger 2 sweeps

8.34 Wolfman 2 sweeps

8.36 CardiaK 3 sweeps

8.57 finally a sweep again :D Mr Daydreamer 2 sweeps

8.58 Wolfman 3 sweeps

9.04 Katjziska 2 sweeps

9.06 Mr Daydreamer 3 sweeps

9.07 -AmazeD- 1 sweep

9.17 jimpan 2 sweeps

9.22 Kliffhanger 3 sweeps

9.27 dreamonson11 2 sweeps

9.28 Wolfman 4 sweeps

9.33 Mr Daydreamer 4 sweeps

9.34 Kliffhanger 4 sweeps

9.51 Mr Daydreamer 5 sweeps

9.58 Jimpan 3 sweeps

9.59, last minute!!!! Katjziska 3 sweeps

CONGRATS Mr Daydreamer with 6 sweeps.. you get to keep your points :D:D



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4 responses to “Sweep Competition 2

  1. Angela

    Count me in honey!

  2. Zeedie

    Internet did shut down so i coulden’t compete ;(

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