New admin – me :)

Hey Guys!

As you now know I’m the new admin for the Gammon League.
I’m glad to take over after Cheese as admin, hope you all will be satisfied with it.

I will post results of the gammon league here.
There will be other stuff here too but if you’re only looking for the gammon things – choose that category :)

And I still will help Wolfy out with his blog –
I wont leave you by yourself ;) as I have a fun time being your blogmate too.

Back to gammon league. I will try to make it as fair as I can, and I want you guys to take print-screens and report abusive players to the support.
You can send the printscreens to:

I’ll try to make a fair decision + you who actually lost connection  and didnt walk ,
 I would like you to take printscreens, all to make this easier and the best of it.

Of course I must hear both sides of the story first, and after that I will make my decision about it.

I will not give out + here and there just because someone couldnt play against you at the moment.
I only give that if there is a good reason for it.

If there was a bug, like if your opponent could take your brick when it wasnt open to take – I like you to play over that set from what it was ~ if the one who got affected by it wants too.
This must be discussed right away when it happens! Not after the game then its too late to do anything about it..

If it was clear that you who got affected should have won the set so it shall be.
If you have trouble clearing situations out let me know – but then I need proof on it too.
If the other player refuses to do anything about this , dont continue play him/her, wait til I make my decision on how to proceed!
As I said – if you contact me after the game has been finished – its too late to change anything!

I hope there wont be so much trouble, but I personally feel this system could work and help to make it fair.

I would like you to give me your opinions about this, either leave a comment here or message me private at Shockplay.

 /// marru 


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16 responses to “New admin – me :)

  1. Cheese

    I think you mad a great start solsken, i wish you good luck.



  2. Martin

    What a cute blog :P
    You will make a greater admin that the Cheese I bet :)

  3. Cheese – Thanks my favourite juusto :D

  4. Martin –
    Heheh thanks, I’ll try to make at least as good job as mr cheese did! :)

  5. Cheese

    I am sure youre right Martin, she will be the best admin ever :) I think Rocketman must pay her :D

  6. Cheese-
    hahah yea me with my little pink blog and so-called admin ;)


  7. ZebRa/Landskrona

    Thanks to Cheese and good luck to Marru!

  8. Zebra –

    Thank you! :)

  9. ZebRa/Landskrona

    It’s nice to see how you take this task on with great inspiration and obvious ambitions of clearing the “grey-zones” in terms of fairplay. The set of rules looks great too. Just one little thing that I fear could be a hangup: If problems occur during a game and intention is to solve it with your help BEFORE it’s over, then what if one player starts the timer?

  10. Thanks Zebra, Yea I thought it would be best to be forward from the beginning so everyone know what guidelines I will go after!

    I know everyone wont like to have me as admin but I hope they will think im good in the long run…

    To answer your question, lets say If you played against xxxxx and there for a example was a bug and he took your brick, and he refuses to start over when you want to…. and if he then users timer, your printscreen as proof will cover your story.

    There isnt anything that cant be changed even if lets say, he used the timer and won – I will reset the game…

    Even you can leave the game when the other player refuses to start from the right score.. so even if the guy takes the win from you, I will reset the game if I got proof.

    Because I cant always be there to help you at every moment, But I will help you as fast as I can :)

    So all information I can get from you guys about abusive players will help me out a lot!

  11. And so I mean if it doesnt solve between you two players at the moment, I will talk to the other to start over from the same score as soon as possible… If I see a pattern, that a same player always refuses to be fair and play from the same score, as I wrote in the guidelines I will give a warning, and consider suspension for that player.

  12. Cheese

    I miss the pink blogg :)

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  15. What’s up, I check your blogs on a regular basis. Your humoristic style is witty, keep it up!

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